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Aerial Scout’s mission is to increase your revenue through informed decision making.

Regardless of industry, your ability to explore unidentified opportunities and diagnose problems is critical. The data we collect using our UAS (unmanned aerial system) is more practical, more accurate, and more cost-effective than a team on the ground, satellites, and manned aircraft. We provide you with easy to understand, actionable aerial data.

AERIAL SCOUT INC is a registered Canadian corporation that operates out of London, Ontario but offers services all over Canada. Our UAV’s, including flight plans, are individually registered for commercial use with Transport Canada.
We are a fully insured company.

The safety and security of our clients, bystanders, crew and surrounding infrastructure is our primary concern. Our pilots are fully trained, are licenced, and adhere to all Transport Canada safety guidelines.

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Business London Magazine publishes an article featuring Aerial Scout. We want to share that story with you!

Business London Magazine features Aerial Scout drone data collection


Drones Rock at Volumetrics

Aerial Scout is thrilled to attend the OSSGA Rehabilitation Tour and Workshop on June 22 & 23. There are a number of reasons that the aggregate industry is increasingly adopting drone technology. We are proud to play a part in the environmental contribution responsible aggregate pit operators make at the end of a site’s life. Our hope is that with drone technology....

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