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Aerial Scout is happy to announce that we have been featured in Business London Magazine and we are happy to share our story with you! Read the full article here

Business London Magazine features Aerial Scout drone data collection

A photo of the article from Business London Magazine featuring Allan Workman of Aerial Scout.

- Aerial Scout Team

Drones Rock at Volumetrics
June 14th, 2016

Aerial Scout is thrilled to attend the OSSGA Rehabilitation Tour and Workshop on June 22 & 23. There are a number of reasons that the aggregate industry is increasingly adopting drone technology. We are proud to play a part in the environmental contribution responsible aggregate pit operators make at the end of a site’s life. Our hope is that with drone technology these contributions will be more widely understood and appreciated. So without further adieu - a few reasons we love flying aggregate pits.

Drones Rock at Volumetrics

Pun intended, but seriously why wouldn't you want to get more value from the surveys you are doing already? Drones not only register your assets accurately and efficiently, but also present you with an aerial image that's easily understood by all.

Showcase Your Rehabilitation Results

This is where using drones is extremely valuable to the aggregate industry. Despite the controversy in the general public, we know that responsible pit operators spend lots of time and money to ensure that the natural environment is returned to its original state. This is hard work - even harder to oversee from ground level. Using drones can provide diagnostics that simply are not available using any other methodology. We use multi spectral camera technology to help the pits with whom we work quantify the current and holistic effect of the rehabilitation work done over weeks or months.

Aerial Scout Aerial View Gravel Pit Ontario

(Above) Aerial view of a gravel pit in Putnam.

Let's Level about Slope Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation can be thankless. Oftentimes this is due to a lack of visible progress in the public's eye. If a picture is worth a thousand words - how many words is an aerial picture worth? We believe drones overcome the challenge many operators have of limited evidence of their successful rehabilitation. Sometimes it’s awareness beyond a few commonly referred to showcase examples, or its reaching members of the public at large to assist in bettering the industry's public perception. Understanding and planning for effective rehabilitation on sites from the air has massive potential. Get immediacy, accuracy AND safety. No longer is there a person at risk collecting data and you can show the fruits of your labour in a format that everyone understands immediately.

For the Win - Biodiversity

The gold standard is not simply putting the aggregate pit back to the state that it naturally resided within before operation, but paying attention to species protection, habitat improvement and sustainable land use activities. For aggregate pit operators that aspire to be the best, drones can assist in getting perspective from above on your biodiversity gains. These gains are often hard to accurately register from the ground.

So with these four goals that drone technology more easily helps aggregate operators achieve – we are looking forward to learning from the great line up next week… stay tuned!

- Aerial Scout